The Globe  article published November 1st “Despite Sandy, Buddy Walk Marches On”

The Globe article published October 25th, 2012 about DSNOCC & the Buddy Walk!

Check out article on Donovan Mouton & Jessica Martinez (pg. 26) & Wyatt Chesse (pg. 37) in the October 2012 issues of Coastal Carolina Parent Magazine!


DSNOCC’s First Newsletter: Newsletter_April12


Jacksonville’s very own Jessica Martinez was a featured extra in ABC’s Hallmark Movie “A Smile as Big as the Moon,” which aired January 29th, 2012 starring John Corbett. Check out the following story:

Check out this article which appeared on the front page of our local paper in the fall of 2011, featuring Lauren Boyd and her teammates from Classic Pride, a cheerleading team for students with special needs:

Here is an interesting article about a recent study conducted at Children’s Hospital Boston about individuals who have Ds and their families:

Landmark Research Study Shows Targeted Intervention Improves the Reading and Language Skills of Children with Down Syndrome – May 2012

Will a New Massachusetts Law Discourage Women from Aborting Fetuses with Down Syndrome?

Tim’s Place – Check out this BBQ joint owned by Tim Harris, who has Down syndrome, in Albuquerque, NM! CBS News Video

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